Lovers $50  a 4" coaster, framed(so, about 6" total)

​Unhappy Birthday  Ever so slightly larger than 8"x10"

This is available in Luster or Velvet but I think it looks better on the Velvet. The darker image is on the Luster.

There's Always One slightly larger than 8"x10" on Luster

Summer 4"x4" coaster, printed cardstock, ink, graphite $30 available at Linnaea's SLO

These prints are on either :

​Epson Ultra Premium Luster Paper

Wedding, portrait and school photographers have traditionally used luster paper for their photos. Now Epson offers this popular surface paper, Premium Luster Photo Paper, to digital printmakers. This instant drying paper produces vivid, lifelike images that rival those of traditional silver halide prints. Premium Luster Photo Paper delivers highly saturated prints by offering maximum ink coverage and a high D-Max for true photographic reproductions. Its 10-mil RC base gives prints a photographic feel, and keeps the paper cockle-free. Ideal for use with all Epson Inks. 


​-Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper

Artists and photographers require a variety of media surfaces for their professional work. Epson is proud to introduce its first cotton paper for the desktop market, Velvet Fine Art Paper. With a base that is 100% cotton rag, buffered and acid free, this paper is coated with our popular Enhanced Matte coating, giving exceptional color gamut and high D-Max. The velvet surface is a favorite of photographers and artists alike, offering a unique museum quality feel. Combining impressive fine art cotton with Epson technology has created a paper that will be a classic for years to come.

 The Velvet stuff is thick and slightly textured, the Luster paper feels silky and catches a glare. I like them both for different reasons. The Luster paper seems to make the images look darker (more saturated color) and sharper but sometimes I need the paper to be, I don't know, more subtle. The ink seems more diffused by the cotton(Velvet )paper and some images benefit from that.   

Nothing, I'm Fineslightly larger than 8"x10"available on Luster or Velvet

Perseverance7.47"x 10.18" on Velvet Fine Art Paper

16"x20"/16"x24"(depending on the dimensions of the original) gallery wrapped prints $275ea + $20 shipping/packaging. Shipped with certificate of authenticity.

These shipping prices are for the U.S.  Please allow up to 14 days for your print to be made.

Hello, welcome to my shop

Sleep to Dream Just a hair larger than 8"x10"

​Luster or Velvet, your choice (looks brighter in person)

Hand in Glove slightly less than 8.50"x8.50" available on the Velvet Fine Art Paper

​Indignation 7.75"x10.50" on Velvet Fine Art Paper

Small Prints $30ea + $5.00 shipping/packaging

Plagued 8.25"x10.25"

Available on Luster or Velvet

Winter, 12"x12" acrylic on cradled bamboo panel $100  

Some things can be shipped, others are too delicate and can be hand delivered to SLO or 5Cities, this will be indicated in the item description. If you'd rather meet up than pay shipping, shoot me an email, you can also email me  if you'd rather use Venmo,  Apple Pay, or pay in person.