Spiders and Flies 17"x22"  $1400 Available, contact lenarushingart@gmail.com

Bury Me Deep, 12"15"  Sold

"A Balance of Power"    ​SOLD

The Birds and the Bees 17" x 22" shadowbox $900.​SOLD 


Adrift 16"x 21" Available, contact lenarushingart@gmail.com

 "Unburdened" 17" x 22" shadowbox, $900​SOLD 

Mayday Available, contact lenarushingart@gmail.com

Praise Be ​SOLD

"Uplifted" 17" x 22" shadowbox,  $1400

Available, contact lenarushingart@gmail.com 

​Earth 16"x21"   Available, contact Lena

"The Brothers Bedlam"  12"x15"  sold

​"Counterclockwise" 12" x 15" ​SOLD

"Bedlam and his Bees  *sold

"Relief"    ​SOLD

 ​"Marrow" 17"x21"  sold

click to see full image Shadowboxes from previous shows(sold)

Wild and What it Seems 17"x21" Available, contact lenarushingart@gmail.com

My shadowboxes are not indestructible, they are delicate and at the mercy of time, gravity and the elements. These pieces are primarily made of paper. Although I use archival paper, it may fade slightly or bend slightly over time. extreme temperatures could hinder the integrity of the piece. When you buy a shadowbox, you are buying a piece of art that may change over time. I have been making these boxes for several years and only once have I been contacted about making a repair(a very easy fix), they are well constructed but I wanted to explain the risk involved. (
I don't ship shadowboxes, they are full of tiny needles and under glass,  unlike a painting,  if a shadowbox were dropped, it would be ruined. Shadowboxes can be purchased at shows, or, if you live in the Pismo Beach/San Luis Obispo area, delivered.)