Shadowboxes from previous shows(sold)

​Earth 16"x21" $400, Available, contact Lena

Adrift 16"x 21"  

My shadowboxes are not indestructible, they are delicate and at the mercy of time, gravity and the elements. These pieces are primarily made of paper. Although I use archival paper, it may fade slightly or bend slightly over time. extreme temperatures could hinder the integrity of the piece. When you buy a shadowbox, you are buying a piece of art that may change over time. I have been making these boxes for several years and only once have I been contacted about making a repair(a very easy fix), they are well constructed but I wanted to explain the risk involved. (
I don't ship shadowboxes, they are full of tiny needles and under glass,  unlike a painting,  if a shadowbox were dropped, it would be ruined. Shadowboxes can be purchased at shows, or, if you live in the Pismo Beach/San Luis Obispo area, delivered.)

 "Unburdened" 17" x 22" shadowbox, $900​SOLD 

"The Brothers Bedlam"  12"x15" $300

 ​ purchase through  La Luz de Jesus Gallery (

​"Counterclockwise" 12" x 15" ​SOLD

"Relief"    ​SOLD

Spiders and Flies 17"x22"  

The Birds and the Bees 17" x 22" shadowbox $900.​SOLD 


 ​"Marrow" 17"x21" $500 purchase through  

 La Luz de Jesus Gallery (

"Bedlam and his Bees  *sold

"Uplifted" 17" x 22" shadowbox,   

"A Balance of Power"    ​SOLD