Perseverance 40"x 30" $2000 Available, contact


Temporary Insanity 4'x5' $2100 Available, contact

Irrational Fears 4'x3' Acrylic $1200

Divulge and Nurture, 4'x5' Acrylic $1800

Available, contact


 ​Poppies and Plaid Pants 18"x24" $1400 Available,


Protest $1200 Available, contact

 ​"Ghosts"  18"x24" acrylic on canvas $700​ Available, contact

Mac 16"x20" $1200

Sugar Plum 30"x48"$900 Available, contact

Mandi  16"x20" 

Strength in Numbers , 4'x5' Acrylic ​Sold

Paper Flowers $1200 16"x20"Available, contact

"There's Always One"48"x60"  SOLD

Fishtails 4'x3' $1400 Available, contact


Unauthorized  16"x 24" graphite on cardstock.

Inspired by David Hamilton's 2012 photograph of

Chloe Sevigny. 

Hamadry 18"x24" SOLD

 Retribution $1400 30"x40"Available, contact

Nothing, I'm Fine 20"x 24" acrylic, crackle paste, resin ​Sold

Doc 18"x24" $1200

Irrational Fears II 30"x 40" ​SOLD

Gelada  16"x20" $1200

Sleep to Dream 4'x 5' acrylic ​Sold